Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looks like a birthday, tastes like a birthday, it is a birthday!

Wow, our first birthday in six years that looked liked and felt like a real birthday when it comes to the food anyway!

We were getting ready for my soon to be six year olds birthday party.  I sat down with him to come up with a plan.  What theme did he want?  What activity didi he want to do?  What friends and family did he a want to celebrate with?

The theme he picked was Spiderman.  He wanted a Spiderman cake.  I thought no problem I can make a cake and stick some Spiderman figures on it and that would work.  He also wanted to take all his friends bowling.  I called Brunswick Bowl in Lakeville, Mn to get details on a party.  They told me that you get the bowling, some pop, and pizza for a set price.  AS always I told them we can't do the food part.  They offered to replace it with something else from their menu that would meet his dietary needs.  Well, as you can guess nothing on the bowling alley menu was gluten and dairy free.  Feeling a bit bummed about having to pay this huge amount of  money and not getting the food, as no place ever gives you a break, they just charge you the same and keep the food!  Well, Brunswick Bowl was different.  They asked if I could bring in some GF/DF pizza and they would cook it for us!  I was over joyed, YES, I responded enthusiastically!  I was so excited that we would be able to serve everyone pizza, even my child would have pizza just like his friends!  My day was made.

When I went to begin the cake I decided to check out a bakery in Egan, Mn Bittersweet Bakery to see if they could make a birthday cake and then I would just go get some toppers from the toy section at Target to plop on top!  I was completely shocked when they said they could make a Spiderman cake for my son!  I was so excited!  Not only could my son eat the pizza, his cake was going to look like a real birthday cake too, with Spiderman and Happy 6th Birthday Michael.

On the day of the party I went to get the cake, it was beautiful.  The first "real" birthday cake we have ever had since we began the whole GF/DF thing six years ago!  When we arrived at the bowling alley they took the frozen pizzas I had brought.  When it was time for pizza they brought out all the pizzas together.  We served up Michael and all his friends.  They devoured two large pizzas and 2 gluten free pizzas...boys!

Looks like a birthday, tastes like a birthday, it is a birthday!

I was so thankful that all these people made it possible for my son to experience a birthday party that looked like, felt like, and tasted like a real birthday party!  No one ever would have been able to tell that our party was GF/DF when they walked past our tables!  Praise God!

A special thank you to Bittersweet Bakery and Brunswick Bowl for making my sons birthday party....normal!  If you are looking for an amazing experience for your child contact these amazing businesses who made it possible.


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